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Yonsei University
Earth System Sciences Rule Webmail
Webhard Namecard Portal
Certificate printing The Commons Chang Kiwon Memorial Hall
Portal myhome Project management Achievement input (old)
Achievement input YRI Achievement input, TAMS Yonsei News
Guide and Policies CTL PPT Templet
Campus map Dept of Research RND Yonsei
Hana RND College of Science
Administrative documents Cyber Education Center KTCU Hanwha reserv.
Teachers Pension KTCU Teacher world
Library IT/Computer Telephone
Allen Hall Sangnam Hall Grid Center
HiPass Use Clean Yonsei Yonsei Research, Proofreading
GAIA Google drive(graduate) University details (open source)

Nuclear Safety And Security Commission Korea Nuclear Safety Foundation

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
Public anonymous FTP Personal FTP Unix Tutorial
LDEO IT Columbia IT UNI account
Uni account creation Lamont News Group ISSO
Columbia Library LDEO Library Library catalog search
LDEO web mail CU web mail CU web mail setting
ID Center Travel reimbursement account UNI
Benefit Office Benefit View & Inquiry CU personal info update
LDEO Daycare LDEO Housing J2 Working Permit
LDEO Seminar Earth Science Colloquium Calendar of Events
My Columbia My Columbia2 Rascal
Newsgroup Benefits, HR HP60 info
HP60 WebCam Columbia Dental Plan Courseworks
LDEO map LDEO shuttle TAX info
CU search LDEO holidays CU KGSA

University of California, Santa Cruz
Library Ejourjnal Search CruzCAT (library catalog)
Earth science portion Science Library Interlibrary Loan
Parking Remote Network (Modem) CATS Support Center
Atyourservice Benefits Office MILAB

Australian National University
Horus ISIS ANU library RSES library
Library searching, title AnuLib Databases RSES Student Email
ANU Logo1 ANU Logo2 Search in ANU ANU Students
Seismology, RSES Earth Physics, RSES IEO Certificates
Staff Email

Seoul National University
Solarsnet Dept. of Geological Sciences
Geophysics Lab SEES
SNU Alumni Association SNUA News
91's board 92's board
89's board 83's board
Lab. board

Earthquake statistics, USGS Largest earthquake each year
Largest earthquakes since 1900
Earthquakes with 1000+ deaths Earthquakes with 50,000+ deaths
NEIC, USGS Event list (past 7 days)
IRIS IRIS- Teachable Moments
Event bank(Wilber) Event Search
Data Source USGS Earthquakes Information(Intensity & Magnitude)
USGS current earthquakes Harvard Seismology
Harvard Seismology FTP SSA
Public Seismic Network Map viewer
Wavelab Seismo-surfing
MIT Earth Science MIT ERL
IRIS Stations
Stanford Geophysics Caltech Seismology
The list of earthquakes for 30 days (IRIS) Hawaii Geophysics
Pre-assembled event information Earthquake data reports
Software Links USGS SeismoLinks
SPICE Software Moczo Software
U.C. Berkeley Seismology KIGAM Korea Earthquake Research Center
AGU Korean Geophysical Society
KEERC Kobe Earthquake
Let's feel the earthquakes Princeton Geoscience
Earthquake Info KOSEF
Korea Institute for Advanced Study Berkeley Earth Science
Berkeley ESD G&G SSA News
Berkeley ESD G&G CCS Caltech comput. seismology
SciEng UCLA Earth and Space Sciences
UCSD Earth Sciences Geophysics in Tohoku Univ.
LDEO CWP in Mines
Samizdat Free Books Geophysics at Stanford
Scripps Institution of Oceanography Geophysics at Scripps
Geosciences, Queen's Univ. EPS, Harvard
Geophysics, Muchen Univ. Seismology, Univ. of Nevada
Rice, Computational Geophysics Geosciences, Texax A&M Univ.
Earth & Environ. Sci. in LANL Seismology in Hokkaido
Earth Simulator Center Seismology, Stanford
SCEC ERI, U. Tokyo
Geosciences in LLNL Scientist Biography
KorEarth DTM, CIW
WHOI Seismology, Utrecht
Sandia National Laboratories Rice Inverse Project
AGU fellows Geophysics, CU Boulder
Scattering and Heterogeneity at Tohoku Geophysics, Kwangwon
Geoscience, Yonsei Geoscience, Korea
KOR. Res. Foundation
Berkeley, Earth Science Berkeley, Seismology
PAL at CSM Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
Central United States Earthquake Hazard Mailing List
ETH Geophysics Monitoring, LLNL
IODP KorEarth
IC diff rotation Inner Core

Scientific Society
MARGINS Kor. Res. Found. NRF Korea
Geol. Soc. Korea Earthq. Engin. Soc. Kor. Kor. Soc. Eco. Environ. Geol.
Korean Exploration Geophysics RND KMA Korea Meteorological Institute
AGU Meetings IODP Workshops EGU Meetings
SSA Meetings MYRES Meetings IUGG meetings
IASPEI Meetings

Seismic data
Recent earthquakes (map), USGS Recent earthquakes (list), USGS
SAC mannual SAC mannual2 IRIS
EarthScope USArray USGS Earthquake Hazards
GeoMapApp Seismology codes I Seismology codes II
IRIS software & mannual
BRV data LDEO Seismic Monitoring LCSN
REM REM (Crust) 3D Model (CU-Boulder)
Topography Oceanic crust Topo data I
Topo data II GTOPO GTOPO30
CUB mantle model
Global Heat Flow Heat Flow Data Heat Flow Map
SCEC3.0 Faults of Southern California Various digital data
Filter Signal processing resources data format conversion
SRR 2003 SRR 2004 SRR 2005
SRR 2006 Previous SRR
SMDC-KSRS Monintoring SMDC AutoDRM SMDC stations
SMDC view data
NORSAR NORSAR autodrm document NORSAR autodrm
ANZA NCEDC (Northern California Earthquake Data Center)
Broadband Seismic Data Collection Center, UCSD IRIS Weed
Station Search IRIS Network (station) IRIS Network (station)II
IRIS Software ISC Sumatra Earthquake
Event search, IRIS Event search, ISC Event search, SCEC
Event search, AVO Event search, Jarray Event search, F-net
Event catalog, Japan Event catalog, JMA
Event search, Global CMT Event search, NIED Event search, ORFEUS
Event search, NEIC Event search, CENC SOSUS events
Latest events, USGS Events in the world Events in Asia
Large event list IRIS Newsletter Event info by region
JMA earthquake info
IRIS/USGS (IU) FDSN/China (CD) FDSN station list
FDSN station book FDSN station Stations by region
Station map breq_fast, IRIS data fetching, breq_fast
IMS stations
Yellowknife array Yellowknife array2 Yellowknife array3
autodrm YKA user guide YKA data YKA stations
KHC station Receiver ftn Receiver ftn
Mantle overview Transition zone Plate boundary map
Plate boundary (Bird) SCEC Historical (past) earthquakes
OpenDX Shear zone Shear zone 2
Lecture notes and books Continental rifting Volcano search, NOAA
Eger Rift (SGEG1) Eger Rift (SGEG2) Eger Rift (JGeodynamics)
Charlevoix Earth Impact Database Charlevoix seismic zone, EOS
Appalachian Orogen Seismometer band code
CSZ, Canadian Geological Survey Lower St. Lawrence Seismic Zone
USAF seismic stations USAF infrasound stations world stations (USGS, NEIC)
world station codes (USGS, NEIC) The Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion
KIGAM station map KIGAM station info KMA stations
KINS EMC KINS stations N. Korea UNE
KIGAM waveform download KMA waveform download KMA NECIS waveform download
KINS waveform download
KMA electronic Library NCEDC NCEDC download
Japan seismic network Hinet download Hinet download2
Japan stations Jarray download F-net download
Japan event info (Jarray) Jarray SEVO, Kyushu Univ.
Ocean Hemisphere Network OHP stations ORFEUS download
BATS Taiwan
ORFEUS data info ORFEUS data request ORFEUS station search
SeismoArchives (IRIS) Historical earthquake waveforms (IRIS) Annals of the Choseon dynasty
World Stress Map Geomagnetic data, NOAA National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA
Mantle Plumes SPECFEM 3D simulation CIG codes
IRIS Bulkmail IRIS Jobs
Nuclear explosion data & info
NGII (National Geographic Information Institute) NGII GPS NGII GPS station
NGII GPS data G-EVER Volcanic Hazards

St. Helens, seismicity St. Helens, seismic network
St. Helens, earthquake list PNSN network

Meteor Impact
Charlevoix impact structure Meteorite references Crater structure
Impacts in the world Impacts in North Amer. Charlevoix crater
Oblique impact Impact crater Impact crater collapse
Lamontagne's thesis

Fastlane tracking

Sogang SNU Hufs
Hallym Inje Yonsei
Yonsei-gyomu Yonsei-Sci

SEG Po Earthworks Seis. EarthW.

Wavelet Seismic Inversion Wavelet Coding
LLNL Wavelet Group LLNL
Wavelet Digest Yale Maths
Mei Kobayashi Internet Source
Amara's wavelet Wavelet Applets
Blue Devil's wavelets Discovering Wavelets
Wavelet Resources Wavlelet Software
G. Beylkin Beylkin's papers
B.K. Alpert Alpert's papers
J. Lewalle Lewalle's papers
D.L. Donoho Donoho's papers
W. Dahmen Dahmen's papers (1997)
Wavelet reference collection

Research Interests
Sparse Grid Method SGM papers
Koster's homepage Ruede's papers
Sprengel's homepage Sprengel's papers
Sparse Grid People

Journal Impact Factor GeoRef
SCI List SCIE List
Article Citation Article Citation II
Google citation SciVal
Journal Citation Reports Computing
Journal Title Abbreviations Nature
Journal List Options Geophysics
Elsevier Science Tectonophysics
Geophysics Online Geophysics Archive
Journal of Seismology BSSA & SRL
Wave motion Wave motion (II)
Journal of Applied Geophysics Journal of Geodynamics
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics EOS
Geophysical Research Letters JGR-Solid Earth (QC811.J6)
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
Geophysical Journal International(QC801.G382) Pure and Applied Geophysics(QC801.G382)
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors PEPI manuscript tracking (Elsevier Author Gateway)
Geophysical Prospecting The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Journal of Mathematical Physics Science
Journal of Computational Physics Nature
Nature Geoscience Nature Geoscience Online submission
Mathematics of Computation Physical Review E
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing Acta Mechanica
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
Status of manuscript at GJI Journal of Computational Acoustics
Earth and Planetary Science Letters BSSA
BSSA (members) Seism. Res. Lett.
Journal of the mechanics and physics of solids The Scientific World Journal
Reviews of Geophysics Waves in Random Media
Nature online submission Nature Geoscience online submission
Nature Sustainability online submission MMWR online submission
Scientific World Journal online submission J. Asian Earth Sciences online submission
Science online submission Nature online submission
Solid Earth online submission Solid Earth submission tracking (89928)
PEPI online submission Geology submission
GJI online submission J. Seismology online submission
GRL online submission JGR Solid Earth online submission
Tectonics online submission JGR Atmospheres online submission
JAES online submission Journal of Applied Geophysics online submission
G cubed (G3) online submission Geothermics online submission
Earth's Future online submission Journal of the Acoustical Society of America online submission
PAGEOP online submission Research Square (paper status)
BSSA online submission SRL online submission
Tectonophysics online submission EPSL online submission
Applied Acoustics online submission Engineering Geology online submission
Earth and Space Science online submission Journal of Vibration and Control online submission
Nature Comm. online submission Scientific Reports online submission
Geosciences J. online submission Natural Hazards online submission
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research JVGR online submission
AGU journal inpress status Earthquake Spectra
Physical Review Letters Physical Review E
Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. Geoscienceworld
Geology Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Lithos Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica
PhysicsToday Elements
Earth-Science Reviews Earth, Planets & Space
Geosciences Journal 1 Geosciences Journal 2
GSA Journals
Scientific Reports Editorial Site

C++ Library Tutorial Beginners C++
BeesWing Use of complex variables
Numerical Recipes Mathematical Programming Glossary
Mathematica Designing and Building Parallel Programs
Free code Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)
Fortran77 Tutorial Alternative to Numerical Recipes
GCC Codes for special functions
Character string comparison

ANU Supercomputer Facility Userguide for the Alpha Server
MPI Course Material Introduction to MPI
MPI Examples1 MPI Examples2
MPI Examples3 Opendx

OpenDx User guide All guide
OpenDx docs/html OpenDx docs

Latex & PDF
ChoF's Tex Xy-pic User's Guide
Xy-pic Package Xy-pic Homepage
CTANfind Seminar FAQ
Slides Slides2
Color font Latex manual
Font and Symbol latex misc.
NSF proposal Tex Help

Linux reference Shell scripts
Admin at SNU reference SolarisSchool
Building Homepage Unix tutorial
Linux Sarang Linux shell script
Shell script

GMT Home GMT Ftp
Colored epicenters GMT & Geophysics
iGMT datasets Ben's GMT link

GnuPlot GnuPlot Central
GnuPlot Demopage Introduction to GnuPlot
Introduction to GnuPlot (Total) Coloring in GnuPlot
PgPlot PgPlot (manual)

PostScript-link Math. illustration
PS utilities file conversion to PS

UFposter UFposter Manual Presentation Tools
Latex Presentation

Search Engines
YahooLycos AltaVistaInfoseek
KorseekSimmani KachineMs. DaChanni
Yahoo(Korea) AltaVista(Korea) Google
WhoWhere Excite

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Washington TimesSportChosun NBC
USA TodayIlganSport MBC Hankyoreh
Wall Street JournalSportSeoul ChoSunJoongAng
DongA Insight MooDeung DdanZi
Pressian Entersports ITV SportToday
HanKook PDF Seoul PDF DongA PDF JoongAng PDF
ChoSun PDF MunHwa PDF Infomail NewsBoy
OhMyNews KoreanLife IssueToday TotalMagazine
Sisa Journal Sisa In Kyunghyang Weekly Hankyoreh21
Donga Weekly Chosun Weekly Naver News
YonHap News HooChoo
DKB News DC Inside Humoruniv Joins, Science
Maeil Kyungjae Hankyung Koscom MSN Stock
NAVER News JTBC onair KBS onair MBC onair
MBN onair SBS onair TV Chosun onair Channel A onair

Kyosu Net Gradian University News Network
Yonsei Chunchu KorEarth
Hibrain WorkingUS Hani Korean
Marquis Who's Who

My stuff
LG card NongHyup CommonWealth CW NetBank
BOA KEB PacifiCare Washington Mutual
Providian AmericanExpress AE Status Check Chase credit card
Citi credit card Wooribank Daehan Life Show KTF
BC Card Hanaro Telecom Sky Life Samsung Card
KiWoom KEB card Hyundai Card Kbank

Bible search OTNTFILE YoungRak Church
Biblion Biblion Music JHY CCM
Jesus ITV DailyBread KidokInfo
C Vision Checking remembrance BBB
KCM bible KCM bible2 Stories of bible (KCM)
Bible Study residable place Stores in the residable place
HanKiYeon Dojo's Champodo
Various bibles NIV english bible various english bible
Bokrakwon Maps for Bible Name Search
Online Bible Chansongga Changsongga Part

Oxford English Dictionary
Yahoo English Dictionary
Yahoo Free Dictionary

Yes24 Books for you ChongRo Book Store
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GodPeople Mall Silim Eden Book Shop

L.J.Hooker Independent Property Group
Raine and Horne Maloney's
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Housing Online Roam Australia
Action(Bus) ASKME
Canberra CitySearch Canberra Tourism
WebJet DeanBus
Qantas Booking Cocom Travel
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Harvey world travel Canberra Times
Asia Hotels Accommodation Line
Accor Hotel (Ibis, Novotel)
Australia Map & Tourism HojuNara
Sydney Sydney CitySearch
ANUTECH ELC Aus Immigration Depart.
US Embassy Canberra US Consulate General
Carlton Crest Hotel Pacific International Hotel
Boulevard Hotel Murrays
Canberra Airport Sydney Info
ACT Korean Batemans Bay
Batemans Bay Online Jervis Bay
Flight Center (aus) Flight Center
Korean Embassy, Canberra Consulate General of ROK in Sydney
Australian Embassy, Seoul Greyhound Bus
Sydney Korean Blue Mt.
Blue Mt. (2) Blue Mt. Tourist
Daytours from Sydney 3Day Hunter Resort
Blue Mt. Tour Blue Mt. Travel Package
Jenolan Caves Fant. Aussie Tour (Jenolan)
Cascade Spa Apartment Cityrail
TV Guide I TV Guide II
TV Guide III TV Guide IV

Geico Orange & Rockland (Gas & Elec.) Cablevision
Verizon (Phone & DSL) NY Consulate General find out Verizon local calls
Nyack Library Hanahreum CIGNA
Medcohealth Columbia Dental Plan NJ Hanintown
SeeTV Quest Diagnostics Palisades Center
NYC info 1 NYC info 2 NYC info 3
NYC info 4 NYC info 5 Smith Properties
Rockland Directory Todai Minado
Newark airport (EWR) JFK airport LaGuardia airport (LGA)
Enterprise Saigon Grill Asia Grill
Icross China Town, NY
Columbia Dental Plan VSP (vision care) Cigna
Coupon (Palisades Center) The Presbyterian Church of NJ NY Weather
Konetus Bear Mt. Park EZPASS
Transportation Info Coach USA NYC Metro
CoachUSA, NYC-Fort Lee CoachUSA, Nyack-NYC CoachUSA, NYC-Nyack
Washington Bridge Plaza Gas price (07024) Woodbury outlets
Outlet coupon book Do not call registry New York City map
NY state Map Vehicle inspection in NY Sesame Place
Story Book Land Amusement Park in NJ Pizza Hut Coupon
Car care info Korean yellow book, NY/NJ
Asiana shuttle to JFK Asiana shuttle to JFK 2 Asiana shuttle to JFK

Santa Cruz
UCSC Housing SC Property UCSC IEO
Directions to UCSC Map of UCSC Info for UCSC
Bus routes Santa Cruz Info (UCSC) Santa Cruz Medical Clinic
Dominican Hospital Consulate SF Federal Holidays
Choong-Ang Church (SC) Churches in California Ki-Hyeon Ryoo
SC County Beach Board Walk SC official sightseeing
Google Map Yahoo Map Mapquest
General Info for US General Info General Info
General Info for US Living in US Driving test
Driving test Driving test Car & Licences
Car & Driving Driving States of US
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Edmunds (Car price) Carsdirect Ssoft
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Coupons (Fatwallet) GMAC123 (Driving Insurance) Esurance (Driving Insurance)
Progressive (Driving Insurance) Immigration & Visa US Embassy at Seoul
J1visa J Visa Info. Universial Studio Discount
Universial Fanclub Korean at Windows Korean fonts
Netzero (free internet) Providian Costco
Yosemite National Park DMV, CA ImmitoUSA
Scenic Pacific NW Monterey Monterey attractions
Monterey Whale Watch California Central Coast, CA
Vital Check Birth Certificate NBC11 Tonight
NBC Tonight FOX Tonight CBS Tonight
KICU, 36 Baseball on 36
Tour train Web booking (SF) NY Churches
J waiver faq (advisory opinion)
J waiver J skill-list J waiver form
Tax info Airticket Coupon 1 (dealsea)
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Coupon 11 (Officemax) Restaurant Coupon Columbia Child Care
House rental search House rental search2 ResortMap
Cheap Electronics (Newegg) Cheap Electronics (Fry's) Electronics (Zipzoomfly)
Nyack APT NWL NBC Sightseeing
Century21 Credit Viewer H1B FAQ

Inchon Airport Asiana
Korean Airline KoreanAir Aus
SkyAuction 8226Auction
LowestFare CheapTickets
TraveloCity Expedia
PriceLine BestFare
Hotel MyTravelCo
AA Jetblue

Rent Apartments VacationRentals
Orbitz (no terminal info) Expedia Travelocity
Priceline BiddingForTravel Hotwire
Site59 OnlineTour HotelTravel(yonsei)

Phone Card
Onesuite Callsky Callkoreanow
Callingcity Goodphonecard Phonecardonsale
Phonecardsavenue Ssancard

Middle & High Schools MunSeong High School
Song-Won Middle School Namdo Haksook

Personal Homepages
Sangho Yun Jeffrey S. Barker G.C.Beroza
Hosun Choi Sung Keun Lee Deborah Barnes
Brian Kennett Jascha Polet Jeong-Sam Hong
G. Beylkin B.K. Alpert J. Lewalle
Won-Young Kim P.G. Richards Sang-Heon Shim
Jimin Lee Kyoung-Tae Kim Hoonyol Lee
Felix Herrmann Tapan Mukerji Ru-Shan Wu
Oleg Vasilyev Seok Goo Song Kiyoshi Yomogida
J.D. Achenbach Valeri Korneev Thorne Lay
Jeroen Tromp Lane R. Johnson Neil Frazer
C.A. Langston C.J. Thomson H. Igel
John Vidale A. Bayliss R. Snieder
H. Sato M. Fehler M. Roth
P. Shearer H.-P. Bunge Jeffrey Park
A. Levander W. Menke B. Romanowicz
Young Min Hyun K. Yoshizawa Y. Ben-Zion
J.-P. Vilotte R. Abercrombie Jejung Lee
Jejung Lee2 K. Yoshimoto John Goff
K.-Y. Chun Yongjae Yu Jiakang Xie
Rob. van der Hilst M. de Hoop S. Rost
Cliff Thurber Bob Herrmann Howard Patton
J. Bonner M. Ritzwoller N. Shapiro
G. Bal L. Margerin T. Taira
J. Revenaugh J. Scales K. van Wijk
K. Walker J. Ritsema H.J. Melosh
Kyoungwon Min Emile Okal Michael Wysession

NIIED (Korea) Universities of the world
U.S.News US Graduate Ranking

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