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Awards and Honors

Awards & Honors :

우수업적교수상 (봉사부분, 연세대학교) (2017.2.28)
(Professor of the Year in Achievement, Public Outreach, Yonsei University) (2017.2.28)
올해의 과학인물, 사이언스 타임즈 (한국과학창의재단) (2016.12.19)
(Scientist of the Year, The Science Times) (2016.12.19)
올해의 과학자상, 한국과학기자협회 (2016.11.25)
(Scientist of the Year, Korea Science Journalists Association) (2016.11.25)
부총리겸 기획재정부 장관 표창 (2015.12.31)
(Commendation of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance) (2015.12.31)
미국지진학회지 주목할 논문 (2011.8)
(Indicated as a noticeable paper by the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America), "Seismic investigation of the 26 March 2010 sinking of the South Korean naval vessel Cheonanham" (2011.8)
기상 R&D 최우수성과 과제 선정, 기상청(2011)
('Excellence of Research Outcomes in Meteorological R & D' awarded by the Korea Meteorological Administration) (2011)
Marquis Who's Who in the World 등재 (2011)
(Inclusion in 'Marquis Who's Who in the World') (2011)
젊은지질학자상, 대한지질학회 (2010)
('Young Geologist' awarded by the Geological Society of Korea) (2010)
환경부 장관 표창(2010)
(Commendation of the Minister of Environment) (2010)
Marquis Who's Who of Emerging Leaders 등재 (2007)
(Inclusion in 'Marquis Who's Who of Emerging Leaders') (2007)
JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship (2003-2005) 선정
(JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2003-2005, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), (2003; declined by myself)
International Postgraduate Research Student 선정, 호주 교육부 (2000-2003)
(International Postgraduate Research Student, Australian Department of Education and Australian National University) (2000-2003)
우산재단 장학생 (1998-2000)
(Wusan Graduate Fellow, Wusan Educational Foundation and Seoul National University) (1998-2000)
교환학생, 서울대학교 (1999)
(Annual Exchange Student from Seoul National University to the Australian National University) (1999)
우등졸업, 서울대학교 (1997)
(Graduate with Honors and Distinction in the Bachelor Degree, Cum Laude, Seoul National University) (1997)
수석졸업, 서울대학교 (1997)
(Top Ranked Graduate (1/20), Department of Geological Sciences, Seoul National University) (1997)
최우등장학생, 서울대학교 (1996, 1997)
(Student of the Year with Honors, Seoul National University) (1996, 1997)
우등장학생, 서울대학교 동창회 (1992-1996)
(Student of Honors, Seoul National University Alumni Association) (1992-1996)
우등장학생, 서울대학교 (1991)
(Student of Honors, Seoul National University) (1991)

Scholarships :

2006 IRIS Workshop Scholarship for Postdoctoral Fellow (2006)
2005 UNAVCO-IRIS Joint Workshop Scholarship for Postdoctoral Fellow (2005)
IPRS (International Postgraduate Research Scholarship) provided by the Australian Government, Department of Education (2000-2003)
ANU (The Australian National University) PhD Scholarship (2000-2003)
PhD Student Travel Grant, the Australian National University (2001)
Wusan Educational Foundation Scholarship (1998-1999)
Scholarship for the Student with Honors of the Year (1996-1997)
SNU (Seoul National University) Alumni Association Scholarship (1992-1996)
SNU (Seoul National University) Bachelor Scholarship (1991)

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